Institutional Activity in Real Estate

Over the last few decades real estate has become a viable asset class for institutional investors. While institutional managers have traditionally gravitated towards stocks and bonds to fulfill their pension obligations, institutions have slowly increased their allocations to real estate.  Today, the average target allocation for U.S. pension funds is approximately 9%. Over the last […]

7 Reasons to Consider Investing in Student Housing

1. Steady Demand Student housing tends to experience consistent demand, as there is a continuous influx of students every year seeking accommodation near educational institutions. This steady demand can provide a stable rental income stream, making it an attractive investment opportunity. 2. Potential High Returns Investing in student housing can offer the potential for higher […]

The Capital Stack in Real Estate Investing

Crew Enterprises

The Capital Stack The capital stack serves as a strategic framework for allocating funds based on risk appetite, return expectations, and project dynamics. It enables investors to diversify their funding sources, optimizing the mix of debt and equity to achieve desired returns while managing risk. Real estate investing is a multifaceted realm where financial strategies […]

Benefits of Private REITs

REITs are commonly referred to by two general categories: Private REIT or Public REIT (whether non-listed or listed). Private REITs and public REITs both offer opportunities to invest in real estate, but they have distinct differences that make private REITs more appealing to certain investors. These are some ways in which private REITs are considered […]

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