Established in 2022, Crew Enterprises specializes in multifamily and student housing, managing a diverse $2.0 billion portfolio across the US, focused on strategic growth and sustainable living.

Crew Enterprises

Company Profile

Crew Enterprises, founded in 2022 by Blake Wettengel and Tanya Muro, is a real estate company specializing in acquiring and operating student and multifamily housing properties. 

The investment firm and its affiliated companies own or manage 35 student housing and multifamily properties located throughout the United States, totaling approximately 4,500 units and over 10,500 beds.

Located in Orange County, California, Crew Enterprises has a portfolio valued at nearly $2.0 billion across 18 states and is one of the largest syndicators of real estate in the country.

Crew Enterprises has raised several hundred million dollars in equity investments and aims to provide clients with strong, risk-adjusted investment strategies while creating inspiring living experiences for tenants through selective acquisitions and development, focusing on high-enrollment, housing supply-constrained locations, and utilizing enhanced social and environmentally responsible practices.

345 Flats / Kent, Ohio
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Investment Focus

Mix Of Student & Multifamily Properties

Crew Enterprises diversifies its portfolio by investing in both student housing and multifamily properties, balancing the mix to optimize returns.
Student Housing

Crew Enterprises Student Housing investments focus on long-standing institutions with significant market opportunity and campus proximity.

Multifamily Housing

Crew Enterprises Multifamily strategy targets Class A communities in densely populated and rapidly growing real estate markets.

Investment Strategy

Investor-Centric approach to Real Estate Investments

Crew Enterprises takes an investor-centric approach to real estate investment, identifying investor goals and objectives, and then creating strategies that align with those goals.

Newer Assets
Crew often acquires newer assets that we believe to be stabilized and well-located in strong markets. For these properties, Crew typically employs a more conservative buy-and-hold strategy where the property is held for a five- or six-year period. These assets are 1031 and IRA eligible.
Crew strategically invests in older properties with superior locations in markets that are experiencing significant demographic growth. Our strategy is to target rent growth potential and execute on a capital expenditure plan through upgrades, renovations and amenity improvements.
Ground-Up Development
Crew Enterprises focuses on ground-up development, targeting ideal locations, especially in markets where demand is growing faster than supply. Crew's approach creates an array of living accommodations that vary from experiential to more typical apartment development projects.
Meet The Crew

Driving Excellence Through Innovative Leadership

Members of the executive team, boasting $15.5 billion in acquisition expertise and having raised $17.48 billion in equity, bring an average of 23 years of unparalleled experience in the real estate sector.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Investment Officer

Chief Development Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets

Tyler Lawrence

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Stuart Beck

Executive Vice President, Development

Kristine Stoddard

Corporate Controller

Cory Guy

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Ron Rodriguez

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Executive Vice President, Private Equity

Ashley Gerace

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Tyler Carter

Senior Vice President, National Accounts

CEO, Crew Campus REIT

JT Carey

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

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