Tyler Lawrence

Tyler Lawrence serves as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Crew Enterprises, LLC, where he spearheads the strategic direction and execution of the company’s marketing initiatives. With an illustrious career spanning over 14 years, Mr. Lawrence’s expertise is firmly rooted in his unparalleled experience, having worked at a Fortune 500 company as well as in startups and agencies. 

Mr. Lawrence has demonstrated exceptional leadership in marketing, having successfully led teams for over six years. His profound knowledge of the financial services industry, garnered over a nine-year period, has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategy, analytics, creative development, and execution. A quintessential data-driven leader, Mr. Lawrence excels in leveraging analytics to guide decision-making processes and optimize marketing outcomes. His track record of high performance and proven success underscores his ability to drive impactful marketing efforts that align with organizational objectives. Mr. Lawrence’s approach is characterized by strategic acumen, innovative creativity, and meticulous execution, ensuring the realization of both corporate and marketing goals.

Meet The Crew

Driving Excellence Through Innovative Leadership

Members of the executive team, boasting $15.5 billion in acquisition expertise and having raised $17.48 billion in equity, bring an average of 23 years of unparalleled experience in the real estate sector.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Investment Officer

Chief Development Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets

Tyler Lawrence

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Stuart Beck

Executive Vice President, Development

Kristine Stoddard

Corporate Controller

Cory Guy

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Ron Rodriguez

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

Executive Vice President, Private Equity

Ashley Gerace

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

Tyler Carter

Senior Vice President, National Accounts

CEO, Crew Campus REIT

JT Carey

Senior Vice President, Capital Markets

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