New Increased Yield Enhancement Feature of 6.5% for Apex South Creek, DST

June 31, 2023


This Yield Enhancement feature for investors in the Apex South Creek, DST providing increased returns in response to the thriving real estate market in the greater Orlando MSA.

Aliso Viejo, CA — Crew Enterprises, LLC, a prominent sponsor of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) programs, is thrilled to announce the launch of a Yield Enhancement feature for investors in the Apex South Creek, DST.  This initiative aims to provide increased returns and capitalize on the robust post-pandemic recovery and high demand in the greater Orlando MSA.

Apex South Creek, DST


According to the National Association of Realtors, Florida led all U.S. states in positive net migration in 2022, with the greater Orlando MSA topping the list of areas with the largest inbound move rates (>56%) due to its strong post-pandemic recovery.

Apex South Creek’s prime location, superior construction quality, and exceptional amenities have contributed to an impressive 96% occupancy rate, even with the addition of new competitors. Management is currently implementing a rent growth strategy along with increased amenity fees. The property has been well-maintained, with no major repairs needed in the immediate future.

In light of recent data from industry sources Robert A. Stranger & Co. and Mountain Dell Consulting, indicating a slowdown in capital formation for DST programs, Crew Enterprises, LLC recognizes the opportunity to provide a win-win solution in the current economic environment.

Rather than continuing with business as usual, the Sponsor is introducing a Yield Enhancement feature for our existing DST properties. Specifically, Crew will increase the Stated Rent for investors in the Apex South Creek DST from 4% annually to 6.5% annually for a period of 24 months.

"We see this as a win-win situation because investors will enjoy higher cash-on-cash returns during this period, and the sponsor will reward investors insetad of incurring fees for preferred equity and bridge lenders until the market normalizes."

Crew Enterprises, LLC, as the Sponsor of Apex South Creek DST, is an affiliated entity of the Master Tenant Apex South Creek Leaseco, LLC. The Master Tenant generates revenue from the property’s operations, covering the Base Rent (Debt Service) and the entire previous Stated Rent (4.00%). The Sponsor will cover the difference between the Yield Enhancement (6.5%) and the DST’s original Stated Rent plus Bonus Rent (4.11%). Any exceptional performance of the property by the Master Tenant will offset the impact of the Yield Enhancement to the Sponsor.

The Sponsor’s ability to sustain this payment for the next 24 months will be supported by available cash-on-hand, future revenue-generating activities, and other product offerings.  The Yield Enhancement feature will commence immediately and last a duration of 24 months. Crew Enterprises, LLC is excited to provide enhanced returns to Apex South Creek DST investors, taking advantage of the flourishing Orlando real estate market.

For more information about Crew Enterprises, LLC, please contact Tanya Muro at 877-827-6272 or by email at

*The Yield Enhancement feature was updated in the second supplement to the PPM and was published on June 27, 2023. The Yield Enhancement period is 24 months ending June 27, 2025.


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