Hayworth Tanglewood, DST

Houston, Texas

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The Hayworth, a 246-unit, Mid-Rise community built within the most exclusive Tanglewood neighborhood. The incredible location, premium finishes, large units and opulent common spaces attract a refined resident demographic.

The property has demonstrated impressive property performance that has driven effective rents higher and have stabilized quickly since opening in 2017. Strong asset performance, differentiated product, and an elite location all make The Hayworth a rare opportunity for a Core acquisition in the unparalleled neighborhood in Houston, Texas.

Versity believes pro-growth states that exhibited the least restrictive COVID lockdown policies will continue to attract population growth. According to the U.S. Census Texas is one of the primary destinations for those leaving progressive coastal states. We believe COVID restrictions played a role, however, a longer-term driver will continue to be Texas’ income-tax-free pro-growth reputation.

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