Top Factors College Students Consider When Selecting A Place To Live

There is a vast array of options when selecting college student housing including it is campus dorms, purpose built offcampus housing, apartments, and shadow market houses. According to survey results, the following are key selection factors students consider when choosing where to live while furthering their education.

1. Location and Proximity to Campus

Easy access to classes, libraries and other campus facilities can save time and transportation costs. The closer the property is to campus the better.

2. Affordability

Selecting student housing within a budget is paramount. Typical housing costs include rent, utilities, and other associated costs.

3. Safety and Security

Safety is higher on the consideration list than ever. This could include well-lit streets, secure locks, security cameras and security personnel. Proximity to campus security services can also be a deciding factor.

4. Amenities and Facilities

Laundry, Wi-Fi, study rooms, fitness centers, and recreational areas can greatly influence a student’s decision.

5. Roommate Compatibility

If students are sharing living spaces, the compatibility of roommates or housemates is crucial. A harmonious living situation can contribute to a positive overall experience.

6. Privacy and Personal Space

Some students prioritize having their own private space, such as a separate bedroom, where they can study, relax and have personal time.

7. Transportation Options

Access to public transportation, bike paths, and parking facilities can be important for students who need to travel around the city or commute to campus.

8. Social and Cultural Opportunities

Proximity to social and cultural events, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other off-campus activities may be significant for students seeking a vibrant lifestyle.

9. Lease Terms and Flexibility

Lease duration, subletting options and the ability to terminate the lease under certain conditions can influence a student’s decision.

10. Availability and Demand

Students often consider the availability of housing options in the area, as well as high demand for a specific property.

11. Community and Lifestyle

Some students may prefer a particular neighborhood or community atmosphere that aligns with their lifestyle, interests or values.

12. Utilities and Maintenance

Students may take into consideration whether utilities are included in the rent and how maintenance requests are handled.

13. Pet-Friendly Policies

For students with pets, finding pet-friendly housing options can be critical.

14. Environmental Considerations

Some students may prioritize eco-friendly or sustainable housing options.

15. Recommendations and Reviews

Word of mouth recommendations, online reviews, and feedback from current or past residents can play a role in the decisionmaking process.

These factors interact in complex ways and students may prioritize them differently based on their individual circumstances and preferences. Most students carefully consider their needs and priorities when making decisions about where to live during their academic journey.


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